Community Relations

Developing strong community relations is an integral part of the business plan at Niger Delta Exploration & Production Plc (NDEP). Our publicly-owned company and its subsidiaries continually strive to establish an active partnership with the host communities in which we conduct our operations. This is due to our deep and genuine regard for the Nigerian people and the environment in which we live and work. We are committed to excellence in all areas and conduct our operations to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Believing as we do, that these communities are the true stakeholders of our Nigerian owned and run company, we strive to continually engage them in:

  • Community advancement activities
  • Promoting sustainable development
  • Aligning their interests with the company’s operations

NDEP Plc is a company created by Nigerians to enable other Nigerians to access the oil and gas sector, and we take our responsibility very seriously. Sustainable practices and community relations are at the heart of our business model, not something that we do in our spare time. Our pioneer operations in Ogbele are a prime example of how our proudly Nigerian company works to improve the community as well as preserve the environment for future generations.

The company’s host communities are limited to the Ogbele Oil and Gas Field Project, an asset wholly owned by NDEP’s operating subsidiary NDPR. The Ogbele Field Project is hosted by five communities located in Ahoda East and Abua Local Government Areas, both in Rivers State, in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The host communities that we serve include:

  • Ogbele community
  • Obumeze community
  • Oshuigboko community
  • Otari community
  • Rumuekpe community

Niger Delta Exploration & Production Plc and its predominantly Nigerian shareholders genuinely care about the welfare of our host communities and the environment. We adhere to best practices, minimise any negative impact on the environment and promote active community participation in our oil and gas operations.