NDEP Celebrates International Women’s Day 2018

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the female workforce of NDEP Plc had a knowledge sharing afternoon, under the global theme for 2018, #PressforProgress.

NDEP, as an equal opportunities employer, promotes diversity and inclusion in the work place and supports women’s rights. Discussions were held under the #PressforProgress theme and touched upon NDEP women driving change within the organization, insights to making an impact as women in the community, finding a balance as a working mother/guardian and promoting unity among women.

Mrs. Kemi Ogunkoya, the Lead Coach/Business Strategist at Hextisuna Consulting & Training and Blife Hub Academy kicked off the knowledge sharing meeting by appreciating women not just on Women’s Day but every day of their lives.  She explained that the root of pressing for progress as a woman is improving self-awareness, constant personal development and achieving a work-life balance.

The second speaker, Mrs. Duntan West spoke about the benefits of a healthy and well-rounded life. She urged women to be mindful of their health and imbibe good eating, exercising and sleeping habits. In response to the contentious question, “Can women really have it all?”, Mrs. West offered a unique perspective by saying that women are best placed to define what ‘all’ means to them and that they can achieve all they desire with the right support system.

The knowledge sharing session was followed by an interactive lunch with Dr (Mrs) Toyin Fatona, who encouraged women to reflect on the importance of gender equality, celebrate the successes of women, and undertake self audits to be the best version of yourself and bridge any gaps if necessary.

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