Niger Delta Exploration & Production Plc. (NDEP) held its annual Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Week on the 13th and 14th of February across all three locations.

Under the theme, “I am involved”, staff were encouraged to take responsibility for the health, safety and environment of NDEP by remaining vigilant and reporting all potential hazards and incidents, as soon as they occur.

The ingrained safety awareness tradition at NDEP has created a conducive environment for company growth and the attainment of several milestones. In October 2016, NDEP’s fully owned subsidiary, NDPR achieved Five million (5,000,000) hours of work, with no Loss Time to Injury (LTI) and yet again, in 2016, NDPR recorded a zero fatality during all its operations.

Dr. Layi Fatona commented, “Our impressive HSE track record is only possible with the support, and effort of staff. As we come back to renewed production enhancing and value creating field based activities, our HSE exposure will be increased. I know all staff are ready and prepared for the challenge ahead, by being involved in HSE practices.

I thank the HSE team and loyal staff volunteers across all three locations, who have worked tirelessly to ensure NDEP’s 6th HSE Week was a success. As we look to the future, our enviable HSE track record will be a catalyst for further growth.”

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