NDPR Completes first round of South Sudan Training

Niger Delta Petroleum Resources (NDPR Ltd), NDEP’s fully owned subsidiary, has recently completed  a human capital development and training programme, ‘Technical Assistance Training Programme’ for staff of the National Oil Company of South Sudan – (Nile Petroleum Corporation – NilePet), through its Joint Venture Company – Nile Delta Petroleum (SS) Ltd.

Four members of NilePet Staff stayed in Ogbele for 6 months, and were fully exposed to all aspects of NDPR’s operations, including oil and gas production and processing. The engineers have now returned home to South Sudan. The delegates also visited the NDEP Plc HQ in Lagos as part of their training.

The training programme was undertaken to support the South Sudanese state oil company’s desire to improve production and monetize all aspects of the oil and gas resources in the country. As part of the Joint Venture, NDPR has a mandate to facilitate knowledge transfer, training and manpower development to increase the technical capacity of South Sudan.

Dr Layi Fatona, MD NDPR commented, ‘With prudent management, NDPR has pioneered indigenous participation to become a leading independent, integrated oil and gas producer. Today, Ogbele has become a training hub, allowing us to share our accumulated skills and expertise with our East African Partners. Thank you to the South Sudanese delegates, who attained an excellent level of understanding, and our staff, who demonstrated exceptional co-operation and hospitality.’

The training programme is set to continue, with a second batch of engineers expected by Q4 2017.

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