NDPR Logs 1 Million Man hours of Ogbele Refinery Expansion Project – LTI Free

Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Ltd (NDPR), the fully owned subsidiary of Niger Delta Exploration & Production PLC (NDEP) has successfully logged 1 Million Man hours of the Ogbele Refinery Expansion Project – Loss Time Injury (LTI) free.

This latest milestone, attained on 25th January 2019, is a manifestation of NDPR’s commitment to safety amid ongoing expansion. It shows the highest level of collaborative commitment to working safely and responsibly by all NDPR staff, contractors and service providers.

The NDPR Refinery is Nigeria’s first privately owned and Licensed Mini refinery, and is being expanded to a processing capacity of 6,000,b/d as part of NDPR’s diversification strategy.  A second phase of expansion will bring the cumulative refining capacity to 11,000bbl/d.

NDPR’s Commitment to Safety

The impressive safety track record of the Refinery Expansion Project is being achieved within the wider operations of NDPR. Since 2017, the company has significantly increased its growth and production enhancement activities including ongoing onshore and shallow offshore drilling activities, which are being carried out concurrently.  At Company level, NDPR has attained 8 Million Man Hours (Million Man hrs) LTI free by continuously improving its HSE performance and maintaining a robust HSE Management System.

Dr. ‘Layi Fatona commented, ‘At NDPR, commitment to HSE has become a way of life. I am particularly proud of this achievement, as it adds a necessary dimension to our continuously inspiring corporate performance. I remain grateful for this outstanding commitment to safety.’

 ‘On behalf of the Board, Management, and Shareholders, I express a full measure of appreciation, to each and every member of staff, other corporate entities, organizations, service providers, as well as contract employees, including casual host community workers and personnel, and all others, who had been and or are still engaged on this project. You have collectively, each contributed to this major achievement.’

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