NDPR Ltd Successfully Exhibits at AAPG and AOW

Staff at the AAPG Exhibition Booth

Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Ltd (NDPR) has successfully exhibited at both the APPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) Annual International Conference and the Africa Oil Week, held in Cape Town, South Africa from November 5th to November 9th 2018.

Highlighting its Pan African Partnerships, NDPR exhibited with partner companies including Nile Petroleum Corporation, Nile Delta Petroleum (SS) Ltd and the Petrolin Group.

NDPR’s booth at the AAPG’s Annual Africa Regional International Conference highlighted the partnership between NDPR and Nile Petroleum Corporation, the national oil and gas Company of South Sudan, which had resulted in the establishment of a Joint Venture entity, Nile Delta Petroleum Company Limited in 2013, with a mandate to optimize crude oil production and utilization and monetization of flared gas in South Sudan.

At the Africa Oil Week, NDPR partnered with the Petrolin Group. Petrolin marked its 25th Year anniversary as a Company and had invited its Partner NDEP and Operating Company – NDPR to co-Participate at its exhibition. Joining NDPR staff at the exhibition stand, Mr Thierry Georger, the Trading Manager at Petrolin and also a Director on the NDEP Plc Board showcased the legendary contributions of Petrolin to the development of local capabilities in various parts of Africa.

Dr Layi Fatona, MD, commented, ‘NDPR’s successful participation at the two conferences highlights the importance of partnership within Africa and also showcased the Company’s achievements. We especially appreciate our partners as together, we are stronger and able to promote local capacity building and development in the oil and gas sector within Africa.’

Tunde Odeyemi, General Manager, Nile Delta Petroleum Limited (South Sudan), commented, ‘Exhibiting at the AAPG Conference provided an excellent opportunity to show the industry and investors the huge potentials of South Sudan. The combined participation of Nile Delta, Nile Petroleum Corporation and NDPR really demonstrated Pan African partnership and true technological knowledge sharing.’

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