NDPR Shortlisted as 2nd Company to Watch Out for in 2017-2022

Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Ltd (NDPR), was ranked 2nd out of 10 Nigerian E&P Independents, by the authoritative monthly Africa Oil+Gas Report publication.

The annual list of 10 companies was compiled by the Editorial Board of the Africa Oil+Gas Report, using a unique methodology. Instead of relying solely on reserves and production volume, the theory of W. E. B. Du Bois’ ‘the Talented Tenth’ was adopted. The theory states, that the ‘Talented Tenth may guide the Mass away from the contamination and the death of the Worst”, ie, the best will save the rest.

Furthermore, AO+G Report searched for firms that demonstrated a willingness and ability to grow; who were keen on operatorship, able to achieve diversification across the value chain and whose choice of projects acted as a catalyst for the industrial economy. A focus on healthy community development was also considered as an important criterion.

Using this balanced mixture of indices, NDPR was selected as a 2nd Company to watch out for in 2017-2022, ahead of many other Nigerian E&P Independents.

NDPR was selected for its ‘its aptitude for success despite the imposition of bottlenecks by the Nigerian environment.’ Several achievements of NDPR were highlighted, including its fully integrated status, the ongoing diesel refinery Capacity Expansion Project and its Pan African presence. A special mention went to recognize the uniqueness of NDPR’s partnership approach to host community development and the company’s longevity was also noted.

Dr Layi Fatona, MD, NDPR said, ‘While informal in nature, our position as 2nd company to watch out for in 2017-2022 is testament to the undeniable progress of NDPR. At NDPR we have carefully cultivated a spirit of excellence, using local content in an often challenging environment to increase our operational footprint and succeeding against the odds. We are encouraged to do more in 2018 and beyond.’

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