Obeakpu Community Borehole Project

As part of its broader non-operating area targeted CSR programme, NDPR Ltd recently completed a Borehole water project for the people of Obeakpu Autonomous Community, Njaba LGA in Imo State.

The provision of potable water was a key need for the Obeakpu Community and now that the Borehole Project has been completed, community residents have access to clean and safe water. This will improve the general health, welfare and productivity of Obeakpu community residents.

In appreciation of the benevolence of NDPR, the Eze-in-Council of the community wrote a heartfelt letter of appreciation to NDPR and offered to bestow a Chieftaincy title upon the MD of NDPR, which could not be conferred given his pre-existing status as a prince in his home town, Ilewo-Abeokuta in Ogun State.

Dr. ‘Layi Fatona, MD, NDPR Ltd, commented, ‘While not in our primary catchment area, we are pleased to partner with the Obeakpu Autonomous Community, to complete such a critical and life giving project.

‘NDPR has a long history of implementing sustainable development projects, administered through the pioneering Host Community Development & Environment Trust. The completion of the Obeakpu Community Borehole Project can be added to that list and we are happy that community residents can benefit from an improved water supply.’

The project consisted of (two) 450ft deep boreholes each equipped with a 3.0 HP sumo pump powered by a 20 KVA diesel generator, complemented by 4 x 900L GP tanks hoisted on a 40 ft steel stanchion. The community supplemented the project with their provision of the security fences and linkage to mains alternative power supply. The Project, now functional, will be officially commissioned shortly.

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